learn to Regularise your periods, reset your fertility, balance your hormones.
"Harmony in Hormones" Ayurveda Master Class on Reversing PCOS / PCOD

Dr.Savitha Suri. Ayurveda Physician and PCOS Coach

Dr.Savitha Suri

If you have 3 Hours this weekend, I can Help you to learn the ayurvedic techniques to reverse PCOS / PCOD . Unlock the Unlimited Motivation and Attain Peak Reproductive Health WITHOUT grueling workouts, hormone pills or disgusting diets.

14/04/2024  SUNDAY – 6 PM – 9 PM



Harmony in Hormones


Regularise Your Periods

Regulate your menstrual cycles naturally, without the use of hormone-balancing pills or any other supplements


Fertility Reset

Reset your fertility naturally without the need of potentially harmful substances


Achieving Healthy Body Weight

Lazy and Easy weight loss methods


Expel Body Detox

Learn to Expel body toxins daily with simple easy to make pocket rocket Ayurvedic formulae



Dr.Savitha Suri. Ayurveda Physician and PCOS Coach

Coach -Dr Savitha Suri ,

Consultant Ayurvedic Physician and PCOS Coach

She has 30 years clinical experience in ayurveda and specialised in treating PCOS. She has helped more than 5000+ PCOS patients in reversing their condition in her ayurveda journey. She is also an expert in treating male and female infertility. Her solid foundation in Ayurveda serves as the backbone of her vast expertise.


"I recently attended Dr. Savitha's webinar on PCOS and was immensely impressed by the depth and breadth of information presented. Her approach to tackling PCOS is nothing short of revolutionary. Dr. Savitha's proven method for curing PCOS fully, which she detailed in the webinar, showcases her deep understanding and innovative approach to women's health issues. Her strategies are based on cutting-edge research and tailored to individual needs, making them highly effective. Furthermore, the practical tips and lifestyle advice shared during the webinar were invaluable. It's rare to find a medical professional who not only provides a diagnosis but also walks you through the journey to better health with such care and precision. Dr. Savitha's webinar is a must to attend by all women. Her passion for her field and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those suffering from PCOS were evident and truly admirable. I highly recommend her webinars to anyone seeking not just information, but a real, actionable path to better health."
Rehmat Anjum
India's Top Coach
I am ecstatic that I got to meet dr savitha and enlist her help with my hormones issues. I had cut out most foods and still nothing worked .dr savitha listened to my concerns and questions and knew exactly how to help me.dr savithas incredible knowledge and expertise helped me finally get to the root cause of the underlying issues that were causing me to feel so out of balance.I’m so grateful to have found her program.
Top Business Coach
" Very informative session. What i loved best about the session was it was very simple and easy to understand, broken down into simple points and many little executable steps. ".
Samanvita Sharma
Music Artist
"Today's webinar was very nice, simple and practical. Thanks for enlightening about PCOS reversing steps"- ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು
Today's topic in the Webinar about PCOS was very informative. Came to know about lot of things. I think more people especially the youngsters should be knowing about this hormones and it's functions. Dear doctor, the way you explained about pcos was wonderful and you have an amazing patience. I would like to attend all the Webinars every week. Thanks a lot

What you'll learn?

PCOS/PCOD Symptoms Tracking

Effectively monitor and manage PCOS/ PCOD symptoms

PCOS/ PCOD Ayurvedic Meal Plan

Meal plan tailored for individuals with PCOS / PCOD, incorporating balancing principles

PCOS / PCOD Workouts

Curated specialized exercise routine for PCOS/ PCOD, focusing on a blend of cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility exercises

PCOS/ PCOD Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Implement Ayurvedic home remedies to alleviate PCOS/ PCOD symptoms, incorporating a holistic approach

PCOS/ PCOD Ayurvedic Daily Routine

Establish a daily routine rooted in Ayurvedic principles to effectively manage PCOS / PCOD, encompassing mindful practices, balanced nutrition, and stress-reducing activities

PCOS/ PCOD Ayurvedic Seasonal Routine

Seasonal routine based on Ayurvedic principles to address PCOS / PCOD, adapting dietary choices, self-care practices, and lifestyle adjustments

FAQs about this MASTER CLASS

The webinar will focus on understanding and managing PCOS/ PCOD using Ayurvedic principles and practices. It will cover Ayurvedic dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and herbal remedies that can help reverse the symptoms of PCOS.

This webinar is ideal for individuals diagnosed with PCOS or PCOD, Parents of PCOS or PCOD patients, healthcare professionals interested in alternative treatments, and anyone curious about Ayurvedic approaches to hormonal health.

Participants will learn about the Ayurvedic perspective on PCOS/ PCOD, including its causes and treatment methods. The session will cover diet, lifestyle modifications, and natural remedies that can help balance hormones and manage PCOS/PCOD symptoms.

No prior knowledge is required. The webinar is designed to be accessible to beginners as well as those with some understanding of Ayurvedic practices.

Yes, there will be a dedicated Q&A session at the end of the webinar where participants can ask specific questions and get answers.

Yes, this webinar costs a non refundable  99/-INR .

Registration can be completed online by clicking on the registration link. Early registration is advised as spots may be limited.

Attendees can join the WhatsApp PCOS support group. And Ayurveda eBooks authored by Dr. Savitha Suri for free. 

Ayurveda focuses on holistic healing and management of conditions. Dr. Savitha Suri was able to reverse this condition in 80% of her patients successfully. But, it’s important to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice.

Ayurvedic treatments are generally considered safe but should be pursued under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, especially if you are taking other medications or have other health conditions.

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